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4 Reasons Independence Is the Right Path for Puerto Rico ... Puerto Rico is in a state of emergency. Its public debt, which Governor Garcia Padilla recently declared unpayable, is $73 billion and counting. Unemployment is hovering at a dismal 14 percent and 46 percent of the island's inhabitants are living below the poverty line, a rate higher than that of ... The Protests in Puerto Rico Are About Life and Death | NACLA The ongoing protests in Puerto Rico are not just about profane chat messages—they are a response to a broader context of violence, degradation, and exploitation. July 18, 2019 NACLA is launching a summer fundraising campaign. Click here to show your support. Police donning anti-riot gear—many ...

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What every American needs to know about Puerto Rico's ... After dwelling early in the week on the facts that 1) Puerto Rico is an island, and 2) Puerto Rico is in massive debt, the president and his senior officials then went on the defensive, describing ... The Relationship Between Puerto Rico and the U.S. No, Puerto Rico is not a state, but rather a Commonwealth of the United States. This status provides local autonomy to the island and allows Puerto Rico to publicly display its flag. However, the government of Puerto Rico, while ostensibly a local responsibility, falls ultimately on the U.S. Congress.

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The Curious Case of Racism In Puerto Rico After living and working in PR for some years, I am still always perplexed when a friendly Puerto Rican brings up the issue of racism and how it does not exist in PR. Hurricane Maria 'Lifted the Veil' on Puerto Rico's Broken ... On September 20, 2017, when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the media, government officials, and the American public were in awe when the island lost electricity and went dark. More recently it's been estimated that thousands may have died in the storm and its aftermath. How, in a place that is ... Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic: Which is Better ...

List of Cons of Puerto Rico Becoming a State. 1. It leads to culture loss. Many people are concerned that the rich Puerto Rican culture would eventually be lost when Puerto Rico is integrated to the US. The country's Spanish language, along with other cultural aspects, would

Puerto Rico is a tropical gem that is easily accessible and traversable by Americans. The Spanish influence provides a rich culture, language and history while its status as an American territory ... It Feels Surreal Being a Puerto Rican in the United States ... It feels surreal, being a Puerto Rican in the United States these days. No, not because of that poll that showed that almost 50 percent of Americans are unaware that Puerto Ricans are US citizens . Environment in Puerto Rico Essay - essayempire.com

Puerto Rico, more than 100 days after Hurricane Maria: The class issues By Genevieve Leigh 8 January 2018 Over a hundred days have passed since Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane María, the most ...

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Puerto Rico: . The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States of America located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays ... Puerto Rico On the East part of Caribbean, there is an island called Puerto Rico, which has San Juan, as its capital. Puerto Rico has a large rain forest, sandy-white beaches, underground caves and mountainous. Research Paper Puerto Rico Free Essays - PhDessay.com

Puerto Rico, officially referred to as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is an unincorporated territory of the United States of America, situated in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, just east of the Dominican Republic and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Thesis Statement on puerto rico | Category: English The shape of Puerto Rico is almost rectangular in shape and is surrounded by deep waters. Puerto Rico is the smallest and the most eastern island of the Greater Antilles. The coast measures about 580 km. Puerto Rico has very many unique species that are not found anywhere else in the world, and also contains the rainforests. Judicial Process and Puerto Rico Court System - Law Teacher The Puerto Rico Supreme Court is the highest court within the state. Its decisions are binding within the State. It is located in Puerto Rico's largest city and capitol, San Juan. The State Supreme Court meets 4 times a year to hear cases from the Court of Appeals. TOP 25 PUERTO RICO QUOTES (of 83) | A-Z Quotes But, no, with a hurricane, it has increased even more. So, I see the financial institutions, especially the hedge funds, moving into Puerto Rico with all the - with all the force, knowing that their investments towards the future are going to be multiplied or probably elevated to quantities beyond any notion of how capital works.